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About Robbins Manufacturing


Greg and Jan Robbins established Robbins Manufacturing, Inc. in 1989. The facility produced fabricated metal products for industrial use and was located in Columbus, Wisconsin.


In November of 1991, the company purchased three key pieces of state-of-the-art metal fabrication equipment: a turret press with plasma, a hydraulic shear, and a press brake. These were used as a selling tool, which resulted in a modest profit for the first full year in business.


In 1993 sales increased. During the spring, employees began working two shifts daily, 5-6 days a week; yet RMI could not keep up with demand. The company purchased a second turret press and quickly doubled sales. Employment also doubled during this period. RMI was able to maintain a quality work force by hiring experienced people and instituting quality training programs for new employees.


During 1994, RMI realized they were running out of space, so planning for the Fall River facility was soon underway. In 1995, the new building was built and occupied. Sales increased, but not as much as in previous years, mostly due to interruptions caused by the move to the new facility. Down time was kept to a minimum and work commenced in a short period of time. During 1995, RMI took delivery of its first robotic welding system to support its entrance into the recreational vehicle market.


Sales between 1995 and 1996 increased 63%. RMI grew to 50 employees working on two shifts. RMI also acquired two additional robotic welders, a metal fabrication laser, press brake, punch press, and a computerized inspection system.


1999 Showed the use of the powder coating system increasing to two shifts with the purchase of a second paint booth. A new FMS laser system equipped with an auto loader enables RMI to run “lights out”. The remainder of the facility is, again, fully utilized and a third addition has now been completed.


Year 2000 was a great year for Robbins Manufacturing, Inc. We were awarded the 1999 Columbia County Manufacturer of the Year award. By winning this award, we were entered into the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award and won that too. We also constructed a two-story office system to house our Engineering, Scheduling, and Customer Service Departments. This building also included a training room and more storage. New machinery this year consisted of 2 more brake presses, robotic welder, and a portable inspection machine.


The economy slow-down in 2001 affected RMI only slightly. Sales were steady and RMI purchased a third laser. In 2002, sales increased incredibly. The facility was awarded a 3-year contract to manufacture manure spreaders for Gehl and New Holland. This contract allowed RMI to purchase more equipment, including a separate powder paint line.


Most recently, RMI has remained busy. The workforce has doubled since 1998. RMI has purchased and taken delivery on another 2-laser and is looking into a fourth addition to the facility. growth resulting in the complete utilization of the new building. Planning began on a 40,000 sq-ft. addition which was completed in April of 1998. A new state of the art powder coating system was installed to meet the demands of RMI’s customers to supply finished parts. This system was commissioned in July of 1998. Annual sales continued to grow.



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