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Custom Coating & CARC


Robbins Manufacturing, Inc. has the ability to powder coat paint virtually any metal part. The powder coat system includes the following features:


The conveyor is capable of handling loads of 400 pounds per hook with a maximum part envelope of 5 feet wide by 5 feet high by 8 feet long; one of the largest in the state.


The ten-stage, all stainless steel construction, surface pretreatment system, features an acid deoxidizing stage, for the treatment of welded, and laser-cut parts. Products fabricated using these processes cause a thick heat scale and iron oxide to form on and around the cut edges. This stage eliminates the need for wire brushing or grinding to assure proper paint adhesion.


A reverse osmosis system produces demineralized water, which is used in all stages and multiple rinses have been implemented to maximize usage from the cleaners, further reducing the amount of discharge to our waste treatment and results in an economical and environmentally friendly system.


Paint application is accomplished through the utilization of dual interchangeable ITW Gema "state-of-the-art" Vortech booths using ten powder guns. ITW Gema is the "World Leader in Powder Coating Systems". The Vortech powder coating booths are designed to minimize the time required for color changes which results in a highly flexible system to meet your needs at a competitive price.


The powder collection unit features high efficiency cartridge filters which recycle 96% of the over-spray, maximizing the yield of the powders and minimizing waste.






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